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Biology Models & Charts

We are the prominent Manufacturer & Exporter of Biology Models & Charts. We offer a variety of Biology Models & Charts which are used in many Schools and Colleges. Our model contains detailed description and provides illustrations. We offer charts of human physiology, which includes Pelvis, Liver, Heart, Eye, Teeth etc.; zoology models including amoeba cell, bacteria, protozoa; specimens and skeletons.


Features :

  • Briefly described
  • Contains pictures
  • Precise
  • Cheap
  • Accurate

Range :

  • Human Physiology (Torso, Pelvis, Liver, Heart, Eye, Teeth, Stomach, Lungs, Uterus etc.)
  • Zoology Models (Animal Cell, Hydra Euglena, Amoeba, Bacteria, Yeast, Frog Brain, etc.)
  • Botany Models (Plant Cell, Nerve Cell, Spirogyra, Stomata, Roots, Leaves, L.S. Flower, etc.)
  • Slides (Common Slides, Rare Slides, Mitosis, Meiosis etc.
  • Specimens
  • Skeleton
  • Charts Laminated
  • Charts Cloths

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